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The System

Total Score:

Our Total Score isn’t just a number – it’s a result of rigorous evaluations across key metrics: Appearance, Condition, and Cure. We sidestep personal bias by rooting our scores in data, ensuring both consistency and precision.

The Breakdown:

By balancing our core metrics with Reducer adjustments, we provide a quantifiable score. This ensures that both cultivators and purchasers are equipped with transparent, data-driven insights.

Score of 90-100:

Top-tier, meticulously processed, and excels in almost every aspect.

Score of 80-89:

Well-processed with good characteristics, but minor imperfections are present.

Score of 70-79:

Average quality; might need more processing, and lacks standout characteristics.

Score of 60-69:

Shows signs of neglect, such as being unprocessed, with only a few positive qualities.

Score of 50-59:

Numerous major issues, with little to no redeeming qualities.


Bud Check’s valuation is more than just a grading; it’s the culmination of detailed analysis and market insights. Here’s a breakdown:

The Breakdown:

In essence, Bud Check offers a valuation that’s rigorous, relevant, and responsive to our ever-evolving industry.


Understanding the size of buds is crucial as it directly influences the potential brand placements and perceived quality. Size doesn’t just tell a story – it often dictates the product’s end use and market value. By correlating size with our overall score, we can effectively gauge the material’s worth. Here’s our breakdown:

Bud Check’s sizing system is designed to ensure all material is matched with its ideal market placement.


The Appearance category assesses the visual quality, focusing on density, trichomes, and color vibrancy. These factors are set during growth and remain largely unalterable post-harvest.


The Condition category reviews post-harvest handling, focusing on trim quality, moisture, and bud size. Factors can be altered with proper care, significantly affecting final product quality.


The Cure category evaluates the aroma, flavor, and age of the material, focusing on the nuanced attributes that good curing and proper, attentive storage conditions bring to the final product.


Unlike the first 3 categories the Reducers category only detracts instead of adds to your overall score. The reducers are based on the factors listed below and compiled together on our risk gauage.